You may be wondering why is transportation part of our expertise. Because transportation is 80% of bad carbon and emissions on our planet. We believe in improving the Planet Earth as a whole. This is something that can be done on an individual basis, city planning and development, and state incentives to assist in mass transportation. Whether it is fuel cells, natural gas, solar, hybrid vehicles, electric cars, buses, trains, subways, or airplanes.Even buying a used Hybrid vehicle ( under $10,000.) can help reduce our emissions. Please call us (203) 415-8876

Applies to new vehicles only when placed in Service!
30D – New Qualified Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Chevrolet Volts, 2011-2014 – Credit $7,500.
Chevrolet Spark EV, 2014 – Credit $7,500.
Nissan Leaf
Ford C-Max
Toyota Prius Plug-In, 2012-2014 – $2,500.
Toyota Rav4 EV, 2012-2014 – $7,500.




Wanting to reduce my carbon footprint I decided to buy a vehicle with better gas mileage and efficiency. After nine months of research and evaluation I found a great Hybrid USED Vehicle under $10,000. The key is finding your own requirements and sticking to them in your search. My choice is a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid.
MY MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTS: Used Hybrid, $200-250./monthly payments, automactic, good acceleration, towing package, big cargo area, good ground clearance, low mileage, and SUV or hatchback.
LIKE TO HAVE REQUIREMENTS: Internet package(WIFI/Multiple USB/IPOD), Bi-Directional Battery, 4-Wheel Drive, spare tire,purchased from dealership.
Comparing other vehicle choices: Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Lexus CT200, and Ford C-Max.
Nissan Leaf – Eliminated – Positives – new car lease program with grants and tax incentives – $199./month, good cargo area, great handling and acceleration, NO GAS Electric only, and internet console package limited to approx. 100 miles on full battery charge. No spare tire.(Sometimes I travel to clients in New Jersey and all of the back roads of CT in one day). I did not want to have to worry about finding a place to get a charge and did not want to be in a position to have to ask my clients. Priced new at $19,000.
Chevrolet Volt – Eliminated only because of price, dealer would not negotiate on the price at all – Great vehicle, but not an SUV actually a hatchback with decent cargo space, great acceleration and power, able to tow 1000 lbs., ground clearance was only 7.5 in. in the front, but when I did a test drive it cleared all the speed bumps and average pot holes, Bose speaker system, Internet pkg, and GPS. 103+ MPG,This was my favorite car to drive and the gas mileage with Electric plug-in meant only buying gas once a month.Negatives – Small spare tire. Since only manufactured in 2011 this 2012 monthly payment over $370/monthly for 6 years.Priced used $31,000. no negotiations.
Toyota Prius – Eliminated – Positives – good manufactured vehicles, used hybrids or Electric plug-ins. It had good gas mileage over 40-50 mpg or total electric., Hatchback had decent cargo space, no towing capability mentioned, and good ground clearance.Negatives – poor aceleration, and they have a very ugly body style, $300+/monthly for 5  years. Priced $22,000 – 26,000.
Lexus CT200 – Eliminated – Positives – Good interior, Internet/GPS package, good cargo space, okay acceleration, great 40 mpg, good ground clearance and 100lbs towing. Negatives –  $360-400. monthly payments for 6 years. Priced over $40,000. There were no used vehicles. Note that Lexus has been manufacting hybrid with on board generator vehicle over 10 years with great engines.
Ford C-Max – Eliminated because of price, interior very noisy from surrounding cars and exterior noises. Positives – great cargo space, great 35+ mpg with on board generator that operates up to 62 miles an hour so your not using gas, good Internet package, and good ground clearance.Negatives – no used vehicles. Payments over $360. monthly for 6 years. Priced new at $24,000 or electric Hybrid is $28,000. Note that when I started my evaluations these vehicles were priced under $19,000 and nine months later the price increased to $24,000. for the same vehicle. Park City Ford in Bridgeport, CT priced new at $23,000.
Ford Escape Hybrid 2006 with 4 Wheel Drive – Best Deal and Purchase – Positives – Met all my MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTS, used hybrid with an on board generator at 47 miles an hour. 26-31 mpg. what this means is when I’m drivng under the speed of 47 mile an hour on the speedometer I’m using the on board generator and not gasoline. hence NO EMISSIONS. My travels are usually on back roads  of CT and at high traffic times on the freeways. Great ground clearance, 2500 lb towing capacity, 73,000 miles, 4 wheel Drive, big cargo area, and spare tire. Because I bought this 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid at Park City Ford and learned  who the one-owner was and the car history. Since there is a lot of media hype about hybrid vehicle battery packs possibly exploding (not true), Park City Ford replaced it with a new entire battery pack as well as installed a new transmission. In order to recycle batteries  the government now has replacement/trade-in programs for dealerships. They also put on all four new tires and front tire rotors.Negatives – no bells and whistles, no Internet package however it does have a 6CD changer. $200-240. monthly payments. Priced at $8700. plus extended warranty. Park City was the only one to offer me an extended warranty for 4 more years or 48,000 more miles so my monthly payment is $240. for four years. I love this vehicle and it was well in my budget. About the car hsitory…. it belonged to Fairfield University, in CT, so it was well maintained at Park City Ford for all the routine car maintenance program. I love this vehhicle after driving for three months and when i get stuck in slow freeway traffic I get a big smile on my face because I am using NO EMISSIONS!
I recommend Park City Ford in Bridgeport CT, they’re honest and respectful and gave me a fair price. So if your looking for a good used Hybrid be patient in your search and still to your requirements. Also check out dealerships who maintain university vehicles as they trade them in for newer model after a few years, so you maybe able to pick one of those up.

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